Ashley M. Coffey, CLC

Ashley M. Coffey, CLC

I am a Certified Life Coach (ICF accredited), working towards my Master Certification, with decades of experience in navigating the ups & downs thrust upon me through both happenstance and choices, whether good, bad, or indifferent.

Let’s face it…  relationships can be tough, beginning with the one you have with yourself!

My goal in working with you is to help re-shift your focus, discover your worth, organize a plan of action, and reach your ideal relationship(s).  No matter how complex or seemingly unachievable these may be—you can rest assured that someone else has not only shared your experience but also worked through it in a successful manner.

I’ll be honest here—I’m really good at being honest, and that’s not always pretty.  Lots of things get in our way, including procrastination, lack of organization, not enough time . . . I could go on.  But the things that hurt us most are 1) lack of self-love, 2) not being honest with ourselves, and 3) the inability to forgive ourselves. I prefer to take a straight shooting, no nonsense approach to my own life, and have learned over many years that beginning with these three principles alone—we can change the course and manifest our best lives.

My own story is not particularly special or terribly unique—the chapters of my youth mostly penned by others, which would set the foundation for who I would become, as well as an obstacle course of situations that would lead me to growing up a bit faster than perhaps one should.

I am a proud Gen-Xer, a military brat, the child of divorced parents—one an alcoholic, the youngest sister to nothing but half siblings that I was never really raised with.  I lost my mother in my early teens, moving three states away to live with a father I had only seen once a year in the summer.  I struggled with self-image issues that led to poor choices, being somehow just intelligent enough to maneuver around and become a productive adult.  I accidentally fell into a job that would become a long and rewarding career when the odds were very much stacked against me.

I have been married twice—the first reluctantly in my early 20’s (no kids), the second lasting for almost ten years, resulting in two beautiful children.  I have also been divorced twice.  The first similar to a bad break up and the second taking me to the depths of despair smack in the middle of the recession.  I have been fortunate enough to make the kind of money most dream of, and I have also been close to penniless . . . scraping change from the floorboard to buy my kids a meal.

Despite woes and wins, I am still here having successfully lived through the very worst of my days so far.  In those bad times, the good times, and the humdrum in between up until now, I thoughtfully continue to reassess, recalibrate, and reconsider my life.  I have broken through, overcome, and risen above.  I believe that happiness is a choice and not a mood.  I believe I am capable of so much more than I often give myself credit for – and I believe that YOU are too!